Rappy Days

by Con & P44

  • Released August 17, 2017
  • Release Type Album
  • Production Type Studio
Format Catalogue # GTIN13
Digital WAHT004 840094248243

Track List (5)

  1. A Really Bad Intro
  2. Animal Orchestra
  3. Never Have I Ever
  4. War of The Words
  5. Alive

What happens when one half of a rap duo decides to move to Europe? Well, not much as it turns out.

But when both halves are reunited for one day of fancy beers, fancier raps and a little too much time spent coming up with horrible puns? You get Rappy Days, the first release from Con & P44 since 2011.

From one of the most disturbing games of Never Have I Ever to some of the best verses they’ve ever written to one of the worst designed yet most entertaining intro tracks you’ll ever come across, this is a see-sawing ride between profound silliness and frighteningly good bars.