by Con

  • Released January 29, 2020
  • Release Type Album
  • Production Type Studio
Format Catalogue # GTIN13
Digital WAHT007 195068626528

Track List (12)

  1. What What?
  2. Uncouth
  3. Gentlemen's Club
  4. Getting It On
  5. Idiocracy
  6. The Cornish Arms
  7. Just Because
  8. Group Think
  9. Critical Hit (feat. Siren)
  10. Keepings Off
  11. Dickheads and Privileges
  12. Outspoken

Contemplate is the long-awaited follow up to Con’s first release, Conquest.

Unfamiliar with the artist, but enjoy the sharp humour and dark deliveries often found in the Melbourne hip-hop scene? Expect that but with an unforgiving tendency to be nerdy, eye-opening, and a little nuts in every track. Guaranteed.

Con delivers from vivid stories – both bullshit and completely true, thought provoking challenges to society, nerdy ass dungeon rap, and your good old-fashioned barrage of punchlines. As a result, this drop highlights an MC with a colourful imagination and a determination to unleash a refreshing train of thought and lyrics that will cause some double-takes.